July 2022 Fundraising Initiative


July 2022 Fundraising Initiative

The Newtown Fund has functioned as the emergency fund for Social Services for over 60 years. Requests are usually for rent, mortgage payments, heating oil, medical costs, and car repairs.

Requests for help have increased substantially over the last year for many different reasons – the increased cost of food, rent, and the loss of jobs due to the pandemic, just to name a few . It seems that as Newtown becomes more and more affluent the need for help has grown in proportion. Where, in the not too distant past, each request would be in the $300 to $500 range they are now mostly above $1,000.

At our annual meeting we discussed how to meet this increase in the year round need with Natalie Jackson, our Human Services Director. Our main fundraising has always been for the Holiday Basket Program where pre-screened families, individuals, and the elderly are provided with gifts, gift certificates, and food in December. We had one of our best years last year. The outpouring of the community was wonderful. We helped over 90 families comprised of 229 individuals. Of course these Newtown residents need help all year and the need is greater than it has ever been. This is why we decided to ask for your help now in addition to our winter campaign.

We are asking the Newtown community to donate to the fund this month. All of the funds raised will be meted out by Human Services and go directly to qualifying families of need. Natalie and her staff will identify the specific needs and make sure the funds are used by the recipients for these needs by using gift certificates for food or paying bills directly. The beneficiaries will get 100% of the funds collected this month.

So, please help the members of this community who are less fortunate. Go to our website: TheNewtownFund.org for the instructions to give online or send a check to:

The Newtown Fund
P.O. Box 641
Newtown, CT 06470

Newtown has so many wonderful, generous residents. Giving to a charity when you know exactly where the money goes and how it is spent is rare. Also, there are therapeutic reasons to give. I can attest that it just makes you feel better!


Thank you from the Board and Officers of the Fund,

Linda Bates, President
Anne Ragusa, Vice President
Sharon Maynard, Treasurer
Phyllis Zimmerman, Secretary
Don Brooks, Director
Pat Marlin, Director
Alison Kistner, Director